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Chi-Q Yangnyeom
Soonsal Original
Chi-Q Original
Signature Soy Garlic

Since 2021, July 31st,

Bistro Chi-Q  is at your neighbor to provide you next-level experience of

Premium Korean Barbecue and Fried Chicken.

We are very proud to serve you The Prime Grade Beef Short Ribs

and house recipes of Pork and Chicken Galbi.

Chi-Q's original crunchy chickens won't let you stop digging in!

Taste the differences that starts from the start.

Choice between mild and spicy marinations will surprise you.

5 different dippings and 8 different K.F.C dishes! How colorful can it be?

Not craving for Grilled / Fried? We got your back again.

Still serve sizzling hot and good Korean hot pots and rice!

Now, you can't wait to see us, and so we are.

Order Online, Delivery Online, and Take a Seat Order,

We are ready whenever you are.


Meet The New

Korean fried chicken


Mouth-watering delicate spiciness comes from the scratch!

Experience Chi-Q's special

Mild/Spicy marinated Chicken

Mouth watering

Korean LA Galbi

Grilled at Bistro. AAA quality beef short ribs are softly marinated with Korean traditional 장(sauces)

Served on heated stone plate - which is why it's called Seokkalbi